My Story

Namaste Trini Y’all

Hi, my name is Sara, and welcome to my new blog” Namaste Trini Y’all”. My parents are from Trinidad, West Indies and I was born in North Carolina, USA. Growing up in North Carolina I was raised knowing about both Caribbean and American food. Hence the name of my blog “Namaste Trini Y’all”. We’re living in one world with such beautiful cultures and amazing different foods to try. Food is one of my favorite topics to start a discussion. I mean who doesn’t like food? From exchanging recipes with families to trying new restaurants with friends. As a young girl, I’ve always had a likeness for food and there were times when I was a picky eater. I’m definitely glad that I got over the picky eating phase…lol. I remember when my mom would cook food on the stove or have dessert baking in the oven. The smell coming from our kitchen and spreading throughout home gave me a nice warm feeling inside. My mouth would start to salivate and my stomach made growling noises. By the time food was done cooking it was “Dinner Time”. Everyone grabbing their plates and eagerly waiting to eat their meals after a long day at work or school was a way to bring my family together.

A few years ago, my mom has taught me how to cook and bake. Also with some great cooking tips. Anytime I had a chance to cook or bake something I would post my dishes on social media. Overtime I developed a passion for food and it became a hobby that I was interested in doing.

Finally, I decided to take things to a whole new level. I realized people have cravings for food or they like to indulge in a favorite dessert. In some cases they might have an event to attend, hosting a dinner party, or stay at home when the weather is bad. By creating this blog and knowing how much I really like food it would be nice to see if I can be in the food industry as a career. Hopefully, in the future, my goal would be to open a restaurant serving others.