Trinidad Food

Trinidad a country known for its diverse blend of cultural backgrounds has captured many people all over the world with fascinating culinary cuisine. Such as African, Indian, Chinese, Spanish, and European. My parents and family have kept the Trini culture alive through the music, family gatherings, and of course the food! On a rainy day my favorite Trini-style comfort food would be rice and dhal (Indian gravy) with bhaji (cooked spinach). Warm rice and dhal topped with a savory spinach is the perfect vegetarian food. A lesson to learn “No matter where you live don’t forget where you come from”. That’s the main reason why I wanted to create a Trinidad food section.

Rice and Dhal w/Bhaji

Sample Pictures of Trinidad Food


Indo-Chinese Fried Rice, Potato Salad, and Fried Chicken

Roti and Aloo Choka

Hops Bread